Projection Art

One thing I’ve specialized in over my 5 years in Singapore is creating interactive projection art … art that’s created in real time based on the movement of people in the audience and projected onto walls, the sides of large buildings, and many other locations.  I link to some examples below.

My projection work has been featured in art shows, but has also provided the visual element to concerts, product announcements, and more.

I’ve done projection work not just in Singapore, but also in Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Min City, Hanoi, and Shanghai.  It’s even been the topic of an episode of the TV show “Singapore Super Sized” to which I link below.

If you’re interested in how my interactive projection art can make your concert, product launch, or other event stand out, please use the form on the Contact page to connect with me and I’ll be back to you promptly.

10-Story High Interactive Projection Graphics in Punggol, Singapore

Most of the projection graphics work I do features interactive visuals far more sophisticated than what I did for this community art event.  However, watching this brief video clip will make it easy to understand the basic concept where I’m capturing people in motion and transforming their movement into shapes projected onto large surfaces.  In this case very, very large … 10+ stories tall.


“Singapore Super Sized” Episode on My Projection Graphics

Here’s a link to the TV show that featured my projection graphics work.  It’s a lengthy show, but the first few minutes (say from 50 seconds to 90 seconds) of provide an overview of how projection graphics works and some quick clips of other projects I’ve done.


My Projection Work for Skream and Benga at Zouk 

You can see the graphics I created that change continuously based on the dancing crowd at Skream and Benga’s show at Zouk club on May 17 2013


Backgrounder on one Projection Graphic System I’ve Developed

This clip gives a bit of an explanation of how I create my projections.