I’m a multi-disciplinary artist who has been living and working in Singapore for the past five years.

I create digital “paintings” for those looking to collect and for my own satisfaction.  I’ve also created any number of digital works used as part of advertising campaigns for the likes of  Lacoste, Tiger Beer, Johnny Walker and Heineken.  Much of my pure art is built around the theme of the future of Singapore … the dynamic place that’s become my home.

I develop interactive projection graphics.  Okay, that’s a bit tricky.  What’s an interactive projection graphic?  It’s art projected onto a wall that changes based on the actions of those observing it.  The wall can be just a small one.  Or it can be the side of a 10-story building.  I’ve done projection graphics work for advertisers, for musical acts and as pure art. My projection graphics work was recently featured on the TV series “Singapore Super-Sized.”

I also specialize in animation and visual effects including old-school “stop motion” animations (think Gumby) as well as digital work using After Effects, Maya, Modo, Zbrush and other software tools.

And I’m into music as well.  In collaboration with Zushan Benny, I’ve started O$P$ (Owe Money Pay Money) and have developed a new genre of electronic music we’ve named Geylang Crunk.

You can learn more about me below and on the other pages of my site.  Before going any further with text though, let’s take a visual break.  Here’s one of my recent visual creations:


I grew up in the United States and graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).  I first came to Singapore on a temporary assignment for Lucasfilm Animation, following my lifelong passion for story telling and imaginary world building.

By the time my contract with Lusasfilm ended, I had fallen in love with Singapore.  With two excellent Singaporean friends and business partners, I founded Just Nice PTE LTD., to design and produce animations, visuals, projection advertising and smart phone applications, some of which is showcased here.

I hope you enjoy what you find here at and encourage you to connect with me via the form on the Contact page.